944 - SBH Scuderia Black Horse

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PORSCHE 944 Series 1   

Car Highlights  
Time capsule example of Porsche’s remarkable 944. Highly original condition with 13'800 km from new ! (stand Jan. 2024).
First-Years Model (Series/Phase 1) sharing special requested specifications.
Meticulously maintained by a Porsche collector. Original paint overall. Original Porsche marks, seals and dates still present (see underbody pictures).
Includes service records, vehicle history report, manuals, Porsche Certificate and matching numbers, original accessories.

This vehicle has always been regularly driven (albeit with limited mileage) from the beginning till today. Regularly services have been done and recorded.
The preview owner kept it for it’s private collection recording 6’985 original kilometers per August 2021 ! The car, like new, original and clean were sold to the current owner beginning of September 2021.
The original paint, interior, rims and all the manufacturer’s accessories are in excellent conditions. It has never been damaged.
The 944 was ordered with many Porsche additional specifications like: Club Sport Package, sport seats, air conditioner, leather steering wheel, light-metal rims, torsion bars front&back, front «Sebring» spoiler, and many other accessories.
Mr. U., the first owner, drove the car for about 900 km before sell it to Mr. C. two months later. The car was registered in the name of Mrs. H. (Mr. C.’s wive), whom passed away. The current owner acquired the 944 in September 2021 as third owner.

Matching Numbers and documentation
Matching Numbers: engine and transmission are matching according to the documentation available with the vehicle and Porsche certificates.
Original documents, maintenance and technical documentation is exhaustive and complete.

Delivery date:
First matriculation:
Retail price:
May 1983 - MY 1983 (Series 1: 1982-1984), assembled in Neckarsulm DE
14.06.1983 – Sold by Porsche dealer Nr. 223340.2 Tognetti Auto Locarno
AMAG - Reception par Type CH 0637 52
40’430.- DM (1983) without accessories. About CHF 43'000.- with acc. in 1983 (DM 51’400.-).
24’633 Units for 944 MY83 – Total 944 ‘82-’89 = 117’790
Engine-Nr. / Type:  
Power / Displacement:  
Transmission-Nr. / Type:  
xxx  (matching number) / Type M44/01
119.99 kW (163 HP @ 5’800 RPM) / 2’479 ccm
xxx  (matching number) / Type G016.J
Empty weight / Total:  
Interior / Upholstery:  
1’180 / 1’500 kg
Light-metal Fuchs rims 7Jx16’’ (original option) – Tires 205/55 VR16
L90E  Alpinweiss (ALD 630 90E)
YU    Black leather (option 409)
2 + 2
Technical informations:  
018 F  Leather steering wheel / raised hub 300 mm (DM 250.-)
154 C  Control unit for improved emissions  
186 C  Manual 2 point rear seat belts
197 F  Higher amperage battery (*)
261 C  Passenger side mirrorelectric plain (DM 265.-)
277 C  Version for Swizterland
404 F  Stabilizer, front and rear (DM 260.-)
418 F  Side protection moldings (DM 315.-)
423 F  Box for cassettes and coins (DM 195.-)
425 F  Rear window wiper (DM 450.-)
429 F  Fog headlight white - special model «Sebring» (DM 265.-)
440 F  Manual antenna – 4 speakers (DM 420.-)
568 F  Tinted side glasses and tinted windschield (*)
651 F  Electric window opener (DM 750.-)
Manufacturer’s options:  
C30  Delivery nation code and dealer package (Exlusiv Swiss market)
E32  Dealer package (Exclusiv Swiss market)
P35  Dealer package (Exclusiv Swiss market, poss. Panasonic Radio)
395  Light-metal rims, forged7J x 16 with tires 205/55 VR16 (DM 2’830.-)
409  Sport seats, leather (DM 2’180.-)
487  Connection for fog headlamps with parking light
525  Alarm with continuous sound (DM 395.-)
573  Air conditioner (DM 2’390.-*)
Update: 03.2024 (2010-2024)
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